online classes

For information about online group classes (Hatha or Vinyasa) via Zoom, contact anastasia{{AT}}

The current schedule:

New students, please email me ::anastasia{{AT}} to join the mailing list. Classes are $10 for ~1/hr session payable by venmo or paypal.

As we could be here for awhile, have your makeshift (scarf, belt, dictionary…) props ready before class.

If you want yoga blocks for class, these are good (I use them):

Less necessary is a strap. You can use a scarf or dog leash instead. But if you want a yoga strap:

Also not as necessary are blankets. You can use a pillow or another blanket instead: 100% cotton Mexican yoga blanket:
Mixed Mexican yoga blanket:

If you want a cheap mat, try this mat. If you want a great mat that’s guaranteed for life, this is the only one I recommend (not the eKo version. It disintegrates rapidly. The regular pro version is brilliant and even better but weighs about 10lbs. 

I hope to offer evening by-donation meditation sessions soon.

Be safe and well –Anastasia